Red pickup truck with open bed storage parked in a green field with hills in the background.
A white pickup truck with custom wheels parked on a grassy knoll near a farm field on an overcast day.
A white pickup truck with a flatbed and storage compartments parked on a grass field at dusk.
A flatbed truck parked on a grassy field with clear skies in the background.
Pickup truck with a flatbed parked in a green field under a partly cloudy sky.
A white pickup truck with a specialized flatbed and storage compartments parked in a field at dusk.
A red flatbed pickup truck parked on grass overlooking a cultivated field.
A red pickup truck with a utility bed parked in a grassy field at dusk, with hills in the background.

Providing a Wide Variety of Aluminum Truck Bodies

  • Martin Truck Bodies, Inc

  • A flatbed pickup truck parked on grass against a backdrop of cloudy skies and open fields.

    Flatbed Bodies

  • Blue pickup truck with utility bed parked in a field with corn crops in the background.

    Service Bodies

  • Red pickup truck with an open-bed dump body parked on grassy terrain.

    Dump Bodies

About Our Company

We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service, so you’ll always be happy that you chose us with your truck body needs.

Martin Truck Bodies is a Family-owned-and-operated business that was established in 1991, in Martinsburg Pennsylvania by Nelson Martin. He started serving our community by offering services for farm machinery and equipment repairs. As the years passed his five sons started getting involved in the business and started working the aluminum products and working as a sub-contractor for another local company, in 2008 to start building our own product line, starting with flatbeds we now have a wide variety of quality built and designed aluminum truck bodies.

After one of the brothers moved to Downing Missouri and we built a new facility in 2020 to serve the mid-western states better. As we continue to grow and expand with the help of our quality employees, we look forward to continuing to serve our customers

Aerial view of a large industrial warehouse with adjacent parking and surrounding agricultural fields.

Downing, MO

Our Facility

Martin Truck Bodies, Inc

Martinsburg, PA

Martin Truck Bodies, Inc


Warranty:  Martin Truck Bodies warrants each aluminum truck body to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 3-Years from the date of the initial purchase. And 1-Year on components such as lighting, Latches & Additional Hardware. If a defective product is found, the manufacture is to be given a reasonable time to correct the product. Warranty repair does not include removing aftermarket accessories or items that were not part of the original product. Each truck body is rated only to GVWR of the truck and the payload it can haul. Operation beyond the rated capacity or improper use of the Product shall not be considered defect within the scope of the warranty. No Claims for warranty will be considered unless authorized by Martin Truck Bodies.